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Welcome to Wyoming 2100, where we discuss how to keep our state’s people and economy great through the next century.

While we all watch the national and other state governments continue to make poor policy decisions that encourage bad behavior, impose accelerated debt on citizens and place unnecessary limitations on the future, Wyoming 2100 asks the questions, “Why can’t Wyoming be better? Why can’t Wyoming be the best?”

With just a half million people, most of whom live in island cities scattered across the northern plains, ​we possess the unique ability to share innovative ideas face-to-face, without the negative spin of a mainstream media protecting a flawed status quo.

​​​There is a good chance you can run into your state representative in the grocery store.

Most states lack our advantage.

​​Now is the time to leverage this advantage and break away from governmental conventional wisdom. We need to realize that good ideas don’t come from pundits, lobbyists or bureaucrats- they come from people. Wyoming’s culture of common sense and self-sufficiency should not stop at the Cheyenne city limits. It should be centered there.
In the near future look here for those ideas which serve the future of Wyoming.

​​This website is not about advancing aspiring politicians or political parties, just good ideas.Smaller governments, responsible spending, less regulation, more liberty and a business-friendly environment remain fundamental characteristics of a strong state but we shouldn’t stop there.

It’s time to talk to your mayor, your county commissioner and your state representatives about what you believe will ensure a Wyoming we recognize in the next future.
​​​​Let’s go learn more.